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Records on Time has been doing medical record retrieval for over 20 years and is dedicated to your success.  Save time and money with our medical record retrieval services.  No set-up fees or contracts.

Why Use a Record Retrieval Service?

As a law firm, you spend countless hours training your paralegals on how to handle personal injury cases.  The goal of this training is to maximize the value of every case.  This is done by conducting a thorough investigation, getting liability established, handling medical management to ensure your client gets the appropriate treatment for a full recovery and maximizing the value of their case.

By using a medical record retrieval service, you can free up your highly-paid and highly-trained paralegals to handle only the parts of your client’s case that truly improves the outcome and allowing the record retrieval service to handle the administrative task of retrieving medical records and bills.  Because medical record retrieval services specialize in only collection of records, it will be done faster and more efficiently while allowing you to pass the cost on to your client.

Now, look to your right and see why you should choose Records on Time as your medical records retrieval service.

Our Company

Records On Time is the next generation medical record retrieval company.  The proprietary platform seamlessly integrates with many leading-edge law firm case management systems.  This allows the end user to request records from their case management system, have records delivered OCR ready and compressed into their document storage system, along with the case expenses delivered to the expense tab, and all emails and communication recorded in the notes tab. Attorney Rob Levine, CEO of Rob Levine & Associates, decided 10 years ago that his firm needed a record retrieval company.  After trying many nationwide companies, he decided he could do it better with technology that integrates with law firm case management systems.  Hence, Records On Time was born, the premier record retrieval system, that truly saves you time and money.


The Benefits of Using Records On Time

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Our Process

Our system automatically pulls requests and related HIPAA forms directly from your case management system twice daily.

Our team processes your requests within one business day.

All record requests are verified by phone to ensure each has been received by the medical facility.  10% of requests are lost.  This process ensures there is no lost time in the retrieval process.

The initial contact with the facility creates a due date for the medical record request.  If records are not delivered on that date, follow ups are done by phone, email, and fax until the request is received.

Record retrieval experts are assigned to specific medical providers.  This ensures that there is a single point of contact between Records on Time and the medical facility.  This relationship creates a friendship and leads to a quick record retrieval process.

Once the records are received, All records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

  • The patient identification information matches your request.
  • A complete set of the correct types of records were received (medical, billing, radiology, etc.).
  • The records are within the time frame requested.
  • All records for all dates of service have been received
  • The records are legible and not blurred, cut off or otherwise mangled by copiers or faxes.

If we detect any discrepancies, we follow up with the provider at no additional charge to you to ensure your request is 100% completed.

Client Testimonials


By using Records on Time, you are able to pass on the record retrieval fee to your client in the same manner as you are passing on the actual cost of the record. In addition, we can teach you how to use a line of credit to pay for all case expenses not just the record retrieval fee. For example, police reports, accident reconstruction, or even expert witnesses and pass on the interest expense to your client. Allowing you to reinvest in the growth of your law firm rather than paying for expenses out of your operation. Just ask us how and our relationship with lenders can get you started today.

The benefit of using Records on Time is having our expert team handle the administrative process of collecting records which does not increase the value of your cases. This will free up your highly trained and highly paid paralegals to concentrate on building value in your clients’ case by ensuring an excellent investigation, establishing liability, and doing proper medical management.

Records on Time’s highly-trained team only has one function…medical record retrieval. We only handle medical record retrieval for law firms, and we only work with law firms who we are 100% integrated with their case management system. This ensures our high-quality service and your satisfaction.

Our company has a full staff of developers who are dedicated to integrating with new case management systems. We charge nothing to you or your case management system for the integration and require no contracts or set up fees. If you are not 100% satisfied, just stop using us.

The law firm can create a cost cap. This is the maximum dollar amount you are willing to pay without prior approval. When an invoice comes in that exceeds your cost cap, we will create a ticket which will send your case manager an email asking for their approval. All tickets and responses are stored in your case management system in your notes tab.

When we begin working with a new law firm with new medical providers, the average time is 30 days as we begin building the providers into our system and automating the process as well as creating relationships with your providers. As we continue the relationship, our turnaround time optimizes to approximately 23 days.