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medical record retrieval RECORD RETRIEVAL FOR LAWYERS, ATTORNEYS AND LAW FIRMS REQUEST A PERSONALIZED DEMO TAKE A QUICK VIDEO TOUR YOU WON'T NEED TO LEAVE YOUR CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM From your CMS, no need to come to our platform. Our record retrieval service delivers invoices, notes, costs and records directly back into your CMS.

About Records On Time

Records On Time provides a simplified channel for record procurement needs for lawyers and law firms on all sizes throughout the country.
As an end-to-end service provider, it is our mission to ensure that all of the records you need for your work are delivered to you in a high quality, reliable and responsive manner.

We make the medical record retrieval process efficient, cost-effective, secure and compliant.

We have learned the value and need for outsourcing medical record retrieval and created a proprietary software system fully integrated with other case management systems, avoiding slow retrieval processes, improving communication, adding efficient technology and solving the many issues over retrieval systems present to the user.

Both Records On Time and CEO, Rob Levine, have over 20 years of experience.

Attorney Rob Levine started an injury and disability law firm in Rhode Island 21 years ago. The law firm has grown, handling social security and veterans disability cases nationwide, as well as personal injury cases in Rhode Island, Massachussets, and Connecticut.