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attorney request for medical records OUR LEGAL SOLUTIONS REQUEST A PERSONALIZED DEMO TAKE A QUICK VIDEO TOUR RECORD RETRIEVAL SOLUTIONS THAT ADD VALUE TO YOUR LEGAL WORK Records On Time sets the standard for record retrieval solutions. Our automated workflow empowers you to quickly resolve information gaps.

Our Legal Solutions

Records On Time specializes in medical record retrieval and other digital records retrieval for lawyers, attorneys and law firms from all over the country. We can help you secure crucial records saving time and money to win more cases.

We know that record retrieval can take up too much of the time you need to build a strong case. Records On Time makes the process less time consuming delivering digital records that stand up in court.

Our system is fully integrated with your case management system. It automatically pulls requests and HIPAA forms directly, twice a day.

Our team processes your requests within one business day.

Our verification process ensures each request has been received so there is no lost time in the retrieval process.

If records are not delivered in due time, follow ups are done by phone, email and fax until the request is received.

Specific medical providers have record retrieval experts assigned to ensure there is a single point of contact between Records on Time and the medical facility.

Once the records are received, all records are verified and quality checked to ensure:

  • The patient identification information matches your request.
  • A complete set of the correct types of records were received (medical, billing, radiology, etc.).
  • The records are within the time frame requested.
  • All records for all dates of service have been received
  • The records are legible and not blurred, cut off or otherwise mangled by copiers or faxes.
  • If we detect any discrepancies, we follow up with the provider at no additional charge to you to ensure your request is 100% completed.