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Learn Just How Simple & Easy It Is to Work With Records On Time....

Records On Time is excited to be a part of LitiQuest and share with you how our system can help law firms with their record retrieval requests!   Our system is 100 percent integrated with case management systems.  Law firms simply enter their record requests and HIPAA form in their case management system.

Records On Time does the rest–pulling requests from your system every hour.  Records On Time updates request statuses, delivers records into your document storage system already OCR’ed and compressed, and sends the paralegal an email that the records have arrived.  The case costs and expenses will be delivered directly into the cost tab.  All communications will be entered seamlessly into the notes section.

All this without ever leaving your case management system and having a dedicated customer service representative assigned to you as a single point of contact. This provides a simplified channel for record procurement needs for lawyers and law firms of all sizes throughout the country.

Both Records On Time and CEO, Rob Levine, have over 20 years of experience. Attorney Rob Levine started an injury and disability law firm in Rhode Island 21 years ago. The law firm has grown, handling social security and veterans disability cases nationwide, as well as personal injury cases in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.