Minimize These 5 Errors by Outsourcing Your Medical Record Retrieval Needs


Person performing medical record retrieval.


Medical record retrieval is often a haphazard and chaotic process that involves multiple people working to retrieve important files. Despite these efforts, loopholes tend to emerge and trip up even the most experienced legal professionals.

This is through no fault of their own. Legal services require a lot of time, effort, and careful attention to detail. During this time, some details may slip between the cracks. Thus, medical record retrieval process should be performed by an experienced professional.

A record retrieval company is a great choice simply because they know how to retrieve records efficiently. People providing a medical records retrieval service are focused on only one task. Thus, they do it accurately the first time around.

Here are some errors they can help you avoid;

1. The Rookie Mistake: Release Form Errors

Often, a legal team might be so involved in the research and the conclusion that they forget to go over the tiniest of details. A release form that doesn’t provide the right kind of information might be rejected once you apply for the retrieval.

A record retrieval company can help you go over the patient information multiple times within the release form. They can also update the patient information by keeping in touch with the client.

This helps you get any hurdles out of the way in the beginning. Since medical record retrievalis already a cumbersome process with probable setbacks, this is a great way to ensure a smoother process.

Often, the issue with medical record retrieval is not the incorrect information but that the entire release form is expired. This will not just get your form rejected but also make it much harder for you to win that case.

2. Failing to Meet Legal Requirements and Time Restrictions

The worst scenario for a legal team is gathering all the information and retrieving records only to find out they were too late. Medical record retrieval might not be hard in some cases, but it does take a lot of time. A medical records retrieval service can save you from unnecessary time wastage.

Moreover, along with fast and error-free information, a medical record retrieval company can also help you fulfill necessary legal requirements.

Since they are up to date with any possible requirements that can keep your medical record retrieval on hold, they can inform you ahead of time. This helps you avoid the worst-case scenario.

3. Wasting Time

Often, the worst thing to do when retrieving records is to wait for the records to arrive. This wastes valuable time that you could have used to further the case. Since this retrieval has put everything on hold, there is no way to proceed until you get the information.

However, working with a medical record retrieval company allows you to use their technologically advanced methods of receiving medical records. They can also keep in touch with the provider to expedite the process. It helps you save time and use it efficiently!

4. Missing Crucial Requirements

Most of the issues with performing medical record retrieval in-house are related to missing some crucial details. This usually occurs when a lot of retrieval or research needs to be conducted. Since medical record retrieval is not your only job, errors are unavoidable.

Fortunately, a company providing a medical records retrieval service is dedicated to getting that information to you. They can also ensure that nothing is overlooked. This includes necessary signatures required from all parties, without which retrieving records is impossible. It also includes attaching any documentation that the provider can request.

5. Confusion During Unique Cases

When the cases are unique, legal teams might overlook certain details. For example, if the claimant cannot sign for themselves, the signature is transferred to another body. This should be present on all release forms.

A medical record retrieval company can ensure that a guardian or attorney is present to add this signature to the relevant documents to avoid any rejections from the provider.


Medical Record Retrieval Company


Why In-House Medical Record Retrieval Doesn’t Work

Despite the errors mentioned above, one might wonder why in-house medical record retrieval does not work. Unlike legal teams that are skilled in researching legal documents and fighting on behalf of their client, they may forget the nitty gritty details that strengthen their case. Here is where a medical record retrieval company steps in.

You might have to pay a small fee to a professional for your medical records retrieval needs. But you can save a lot more in the long run. Professional medical record retrieval takes much less time and is more accurate.

Moreover, you can shift your focus away from medical record retrieval and toward more pressing requirements, such as other details and research regarding the case. You can also stop fretting about looking for tiny details. A medical record retrieval company knows where to look for your desired information.

Outsource Your Medical Records Retrieval Today

Medical record retrieval is a complicated part of the legal process. It might not be that hard for legal teams to keep track of all the requirements if all they had to do was perform record retrieval. But with the multiple responsibilities, record retrieval can produce errors.

These errors are easily avoidable if you place your trust in a medical records retrieval service. Records on Time can help you gather accurate records and tick off all the boxes on that checklist before you reach a provider for medical record retrieval.

You don’t have to be alone in the medical record retrieval process. Contact us today and provide us with the necessary details for all your needs. Our medical record retrieval company will not just deliver records on time but also ensure there are no delays or accuracy errors.

At the end of the day, medical record retrieval is only as good as the release form. We make sure you avoid any unnecessary errors from day one!